Educational Goals

A New Model For Design Education
Preparing young designers with both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required in the career

In the dawning age of design, SADI was founded in 1995 with a vision of fostering future leaders in innovative Korean design. By offering education that meets the demands of companies and the market, SADI prepares young designers with both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required in the career that awaits them.
This approach to education reflects the core principle and policy at SADI. Students come to study out of a passion for design; when they are asked why they chose SADI, many say that they were attracted by its ‘practical and skills-oriented curriculum.’ We at SADI are proud to staff an exceptional faculty team, preparing students for the broad universe of design through in-depth education and training that both reflects their academic ambitions and will prepare them for the future.

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SADI’s curriculum has garnished much external recognition for its success; countless industry experts have praised SADI graduates on their design capabilities and ability to quickly adapt to professional and industrial settings. SADI alumni are also increasingly present in international design scenes, appearing as contributing members in regions such as the United States and Europe.
SADI’s reputation as a school with 100% attendance rate bears another flattering testimony to the passion and dedication of students and faculty alike. Those who benefit most are the many students able to take full advantage of the in-depth programs that SADI offers, graduating as capable designers, fully-equipped with skills that will help them not only open doors, but throughout their careers. The perseverance of SADI students is marked; students are often found in the studio, working late into the evening. After many nights pondering large- and small-scale design issues, mastering skills and solving problems, SADI students mature into competent designers with flair.

As a low-cost, high-efficiency, knowledge-intensive and highly marketable industry, design is rapidly becoming an important backbone for the economy and society. This trend can be observed globally, particularly in recent years. Recognizing the increasing importance of design, countries across the world are investing in efforts to maximize their design capacity. In today’s era of fierce competition and efficiency, the ability to meet the precise and rapid demands of the market are crucial. In an industry where capabilities and competencies matter more than ever, SADI provides the educational curricula that will help students make a solid first step in becoming capable designers, destined for success.