Message from The President

SADI’s management is carried out solely under the “student-centered” principle.
SADI was established <em>in 1995</em> with <em>the goal of fostering creative human resources</em> who will lead the era of competitive design in the 21st century.

SADI was established in 1995 with the goal of fostering creative human resources who will lead the era of competitive design in the 21st century. We promptly reflect demands from enterprises and market on the actual education courses to train individuals who understand the field and work and strike a balance between theory and reality. This has also been the unchanging educational policy of SADI since its establishment.

In any of SADI’s educational fields, students will tell you that they entered SADI to satisfy their unbridled passion for design. Even at times when many other students enjoy romance, SADI students greet the dawn in the studios. From endless small and large design topics and long hours of sleepless works to processing them, SADI’s students often find themselves one step closer to their dream.
To serve these students who are full of dreams and passion, SADI’s management is carried out solely under the “student-centered” principle. Education contents are designed for consumers of education such as students and business enterprises, and they are constantly changing to draw the best, most optimal result. Professors who are invited following a strict evaluation process guide their students to the deep, extensive world of design with unwavering passion.

SADI’s education effects are constantly confirmed in the outside world. Countless experts of industrial fields are satisfied with the work adaptability and design capacity of SADI graduates. In addition, SADI graduates are gradually expanding their roles in advanced countries such as America and European nations.

Design is a knowledge-concentrated, high value-added business of low cost and high efficiency; today, it is an important factor that holds our society together. Nations around the world try endlessly to maximize their design capacity, showing us the importance of design once again. Today, we are living in an era of limitless competition and efficiency. Those who fail to access the truth are left behind; ability has become more important than an impressive resume. SADI will serve as a trustworthy foothold for those who want to take the right first step as competent designers.

Don Tae Lee, President
samsung art and design institute

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